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Pastes & Dry Spices - Tamarind Concentrate

The blending of fine spices is a skill – the recognizing and balancing of the resulting flavors is an art. Neera, with her Indian heritage is a master and has created proprietary blends from all over the world for Cinnabar’s customers.
Jamaican Jerk Spice Paste

Vindaloo Indian Curry Paste & Tandoori Indian Grilling Paste are moistened with additional ingredients to take them a step closer to the authentic final flavors.

Tamarind Concentrate is an unaltered pure, filtered fruit pulp concentrate, ready for your recipes in your kitchen.

Jamaican Jerk Rub, Curry Masala, Yogurt Seasoning, and Garam Masala fill out the list of proprietary spice blends.

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Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsJamaican Jerk Spice

Paste Cinnabar/Neera's powerful blend of allspice, peppers, onion and garlic gives pork, chicken and fish the flavors of a famous Jamaican tradition. Grilled slowly or baked Jerk is hot and wonderful. Extend spice with oil and rub on ribs, fowl or vegetables before grilling

  • Mix into fresh ground turkey or turkey sausage for fantastic spicy flavor.
  • Saute sweet potatoes or yams with this spice for an incredibly bold side dish.
  • Combine this paste with a little bit of oil and salt.
  • Toss with slivered almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Bake briefly until toasty and crisp for a hot and spicy snack.
  • Marinate fresh rabbit, quail or other game before slow grilling or baking in the oven.
1-4 ounce jar $4.95

3-4 ounce jars $14.15

6-4 ounce jars $27.65

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsTandoori Indian Grilling Paste

A rich aromatic and authentic marinade base for poultry, seafood and vegetables. A great introduction to Northern Indian cuisine. For the classic tandoori flavor, mix with plain yogurt, marinate poultry, seafood or vegetables for several hours before grilling.

  • Spread on a warmed tortilla. Sprinkle with cheese, green onion and cilantro. Broil, fold and cut for tandoori quesadillas.
  • Use as the spice component for stove top curries - both meat and vegetable.
  • Blend with yogurt and marinate a roasting chicken or cornish game hen before baking.
  • Mix with oil or yogurt to for basting grilled foods of all kinds.
1-4 ounce jar $4.95

3-4 ounce jars $14.15

6-4 ounce jars $27.65

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsVindaloo Indian Curry Paste

Sweet and sour is the port of call for this thick, rich curry paste. Of Portuguese descent, this flavored tradition is a robust, tamarind laced base for recreating the spicy meat and vegetable curries of Goa and Southern India. As the spice base for making the famous pork vindaloos from the sea costs of Goa.

  • Shrimp sauteed with this spice take on a wonderful color and exotic flavor.
  • For stove top curries such as lamb, pork, goat and chicken,
  • Saute summer vegetables with this rich full flavored masala.
  • Your chicken tikka masala will never be the same.
1-4 ounce jar 4.95

3-4 ounce jars 14.15

6-4 ounce jars 27.65

Tamarind ConcentrateTamarind Concentrate

A pure, very thick and concentrated fruit paste. One hundred percent tamarind.

  • Use whenever the tart tamarind flavor is specified in your recipe.
  • Stir to dissolve in warm water as needed.
  • No need to strain--no pulp or seeds.
  • NO SALT.
1-5 ounce jar 4.95

3-5 ounce jars 14.15

6-5 ounce jars 27.65

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsJamaican Dry Jerk Rub

A blend of allspice, peppers, garlic and onion mixed with the commanding presence of habanero. Use this pre-grilling seasoning rub on meats, fish and vegetables for a true Jamaican Jerk flavor.

  • Season sauteed potatoes and onions for a side dish.
  • Spice ground turkey with this mix for a down island flavored sausage.
  • Flavor your yams or sweet potatoes for a different Thanksgiving side dish.
  • Mix this spice with flour in a small bag. Add shrimp or chicken and shake to coat before frying or baking.
  • Good rubbed into meats, fish and vegetables prior to grilling or baking.
1 spice jar $4.75

3 spice jars $12.80

6 spice jars $25.00

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsCurry Masala

Over twenty different exotic spices give this masala the Cinnabar touch. A trek to India will not yield a finer blend for curries and vegetable sautés.

  • Use as the basic seasoning for Indian vegetable, meat and fish curries.
  • Spectacular as a pre grilling dry rub.
  • A teaspoon added to a sauté of canned chickpeas makes a wonderful Indian flavored side dish for lamb.
  • Use to flavor bean , dal and other vegetable soups.
  • Mix with mayonnaise for a perfect cold dip for cocktail shrimp.
  • NO SALT.

1 spice jar 4.75

3 spice jars $12.80

6 spice jars $25.00

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsYogurt Seasoning

Our special salt-free blend of Indian spices for creating cooling raita and seasoning other rice and vegetable dishes. An Indian meal is not complete without raita (a mix of plain yogurt, tomato or cucumber pieces).

  • Mix seasoning and plain yogurt and serve as a cooling sauce alongside spicy dishes.
  • Create a sauce for grilled salmon with plain yogurt and this spice mix.
  • Mix with sour cream instead of yogurt for a richer dip for vegetable crudite or baked potato topping.
  • Warm a tablespoonful in oil to flavor plain rice.
  • NO SALT.
1 spice jar $4.75

3 spice jars $12.80

6 spice jars $25.00

Click on Image to view Ingredients and Nutritional FactsGaram Masala

Our classic blend of this popular masala from Northern India. Variations abound in Indian family kitchens all around the world.

  • Use as an integral flavor for Indian pilafs and biryanis.
  • An aromatic seasoning for use in onion based sauces for meat and poultry.
  • A pinch on any sauteed vegetable will bring them alive.
  • Try sauteed potatoes and onions seasoned with this masala with your breakfast eggs.
  • Sprinkle a dash on finished bean and dal soups.
  • NO SALT.
1 spice jar $4.75

3 spice jars $12.80

6 spice jars $25.00